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V-Vegetarian / V+-Vegan / C-Celery / Cr-Crustaceans / E-Eggs / F-Fish / G-Gluten / M-Milk / Mo-Molluscs / Mu-Mustard / N-Nuts / Su-Sulphites / L-Lupin.


Small ‘tapas style’ dishes using authentic South American ingredients. We would recommend 1 - 2 dishes per person.

Llama Sliders£6.50

3 llama burgers topped with chorizo and guacamole in a sun-dried tomato roll. (G)

Colombian Chicken Bites£5.95

Crispy marinated chicken thigh pieces served with a sweetcorn purée and guacamole. (M)

Scallop Ceviche£7.95

Lime, coriander and chilli-cured scallops served on crisp red chicory with sweetcorn purée. ( Mo, M, Su option served without aioli sauce)

Pork Belly Squares£5.95

Served on crispy plantain with a Colombian Gizo sauce and cauliflower purée. (M)

Yuccas Bravas£4.50

South American root vegetable chips (similar to potato) dusted with paprika and served with a spicy bravas sauce and garlic aioli. (E, V / V+ ) option served without aioli sauce)

Mini Patacones

Crushed fried plantain topped with a choice of either:

  • Slow-cooked pulled beef with Gizo sauce and guacamole. £5.95

  • Pulled marinated chicken thigh with guacamole and sweetcorn. (M)£5.95

  • Marinated grilled aubergine with pico de gallo. (V+) £4.50


Classic colombian snack, stuffed corn pockets cooked on the grill with a choice of fillings:

  • Sweet and sour bbq pulled pork with colombian cheese. £5.95(M, C, Su, Mu, So )

  • Marinated chicken thigh and gizo sauce with colombian cheese. £5.95(So, M, Mu)

  • Mexican beans, sweet plantain and marinated aubergine with guacamole dip. £4.95(V, V+ )

All served with bravas sauce and garlic aioli. (E)

Mini Empanadas

3 maize-coated parcels filled with a choice of either:

  • Slow cooked beef. £5.95

  • Marinated chicken. £5.95

  • Grilled aubergine and vegetables. £4.50(V+)

All served with an ‘Aji’ sauce. (Su)

V-Vegetarian/ V+-Vegan/ C-Celery/ Cr-Crustaceans/ E-Eggs/ F-Fish/ G-Gluten/ M-Milk/ Mo-Molluscs/ Mu-Mustard/ N-Nuts/ Su-Sulphites/ L-Lupin.



All marinated and cooked on the plancha. Served with fried
plantain, spring onion rice, Green Sauce (C, Mu)and Brava sauce.

Choice of Colombian salad (white cabbage, carrot, onion and
coriander with a lemon dressing) or Mixed leaf salad.

  • Chicken Thighs£10.95

    2 of our signature boneless grilled chicken thighs.(Mu, So)

  • King Prawns£14.95

    Succulent shell-less king prawns. (Cr, Mu, So)

  • Stuffed Aubergine£9.95

    Grilled and filled with a delicious combination of grilled vegetables and roasted butternut squash purée. (v+)

  • Pork Loin£12.95

    Tender loin of pork marinated and grilled.(Mu, So)

  • Rib-eye Steak£19.95

    Flavoursome rib-eye, best served medium rare. (Mu, So)

Mixed Grill Platter£32.95

A selection of our succulent plancha items, rib-eye steak, chicken thigh, chorizo, lamb chops, king prawns, yuccas, plantains, Colombian salad, spring onion rice, chimmichurri and green sauce. ( Ce, Cr, Mu, So )

* Sharing for 3 people £49.45

Brazilian Salmon£11.95

Marinated pan fried salmon fillet served with a tomato and coconut sauce, grilled mixed vegetables and spring onion rice(M, F, Mu, So)

Bandeja Paisa£16.95

Slow-braised short rib of beef, sweet potato and sweetcorn purée, chorizo, pork belly, pickled shallot, colombian beans, white rice and fried egg. (C, Su, E, M)

Quinoa Risotto£9.95

Peruvian recipe with vegetables, Manchego cheese, parsley and crispy fried cassava. (M, V)

Latin Lamb Chops£15.95

Marinated and charred lamb chops served with yucca chips, mint chimichurri, roasted baby sweetcorn and charred asparagus.

Charred Papaya Salad£7.95

Rocket, watercress and mixed leaf salad, Colombian home made cheese, toasted pine nuts, charred papaya and a soy dressing.

-Add rib-eye steak £17.95

-Add marinated king prawns £14.95

Seafood Cazuela£11.95

Latin American mixed seafood chowder made with tomato, coconut milk and cream. Served with rice and plantain. (F, Cr, Mo, M)




  • Garlic Aioli (E) / Bravas Sauce / Green Sauce (E, Mu)£2.50

  • Colombia Salad / White Rice / Red Rice (C) £2.95

  • Asparagus / Guacamole / Fried Plantain£3.50

  • Yucca Chips£4.50



Coffee & Walnut£5.95

Luxurious coffee flan served with walnuts caramel syrup, raspberries and flaked sea salt. (M, E,
N, V,

Sweet Empanada£6.50

Dark chocolate filled, sweet maize parcel, rum, caramel, banana and vanilla ice cream. (Su, M, E)

White Chocolate Cheesecake£5.95

Served with mango and passion fruit salsa, raspberry coulis and granola crumb. (G, N, M, E)

Caramelised Sweet Plantain£7.00

Served with granola, toasted coconut, almond, lime and vanilla ice cream. (M,E,N,G)

Basil Sorbet & Charred Papaya£6.50

Refreshing basil and lime sorbet served on passionfruit jelly with mango salsa and charred papaya.


Soft Drinks£2.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemon San Pelligrino.

Still Water (750ml)£3.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemon San Pelligrino.

Sparkling Water (750ml)£3.95


English Breakfast, Green, Jasmine, Peppermint.


  • Expresso£2.00

  • Latte£3.00

  • Double Expresso£2.50

  • Cappucino£3.00

  • Americano£2.50

  • Macchiato£3.00


Try our selection of bottled Latin American beers!


Brazil (4.8%)

Club Colombia£3.95

Colombia (4.7%)


Peru (5%)

Palma Cristal£3.95

Cuba (4.9%)


Republic Domini (5%)


Argentina (4.9%)


Size: 25ml

All served with Fever-Tree


Fresh and floral. Served with cucumber

Bombay Sapphire£6.00

Sweet and aromatic. Served with lime.

Gin Mare£7.50

Aromatic Mediterranean gin. Served with fresh mango peel and black pepper.

Colombian Gin£9.00

Aged in rum barrels with heavy citrus notes. Served with orange zest and chocolate bitters.

Mezcal Gin£8.50

A very smoky Mexican gin made using mezcal and distilled in the traditional way. Served with fresh grapefruit and black pepper.


Size: 25ml


Blanco Del Valle.


Pampero Anejo Especial Rum.

Vodka (750ml)£2.95

East London Liquor Co. small batch vodka.


Ocho Blanco 100% Agave.



Bulleit Rye Whiskey


100% blue agave. The king of tequila


Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years


Pisco Sours (25ml)

A very popular Peruvian and Chilean cocktail, classically made using Pisco liquor and mixed with lime, sugar syrup, egg white and Angostura Bitters. We have created our own range of flavours for you to try.

  • Original Pisco£6.50

  • Watermelon and Mint£7.50

  • Strawberry and Basil£7.50

  • Mango and Black Pepper£7.50

  • Passion Fruit and Lime£7.50

Lychee fizz £7.50

Our own refreshing creation made with Lychee puree, lime, pisco, triple sec and tonic


Mexico’s popular cocktail consisting of tequila, lime juice and triple sec. Served straight up.


Brazil’s national cocktail made with cachaca, sugar and lime.

Mojito £7.50

Classic Cuban cocktail made with Pampero Anejo Especial Rum, lime, mint, sugar syrup and soda water.

Virgin Mojito£7.50

Classic non alocholic cocktail with a hint of lime, mint, sugar syrup. Available in a selection of flavours:





-Passion Fruit

Triple C£7.50

Our very own unique cocktail made with aguardiente spirit, a touch of sweetness and fresh lime juice. Very